Friday, November 23, 2012

~ Plokkfiskur

Roughly translating to 'mashed fish,' Plokkfishkur is a visually unappealing dish that tastes fantastic. For Icelanders, fish such as halibut and cod have always be staple on the tables of Iceland. Plokkfishkur is a dish that utilizes the abundant food sources of Iceland which included root vegetables, dairy and fish. This recipe comes from the Island Naturally Website, a site with a great amount of information of the Icelandic culture. 


-1 1/4 lbs of Cod
-1 1/4 lbs peeled and boiled potatoes
-1 diced white onion
-12oz of milk
-2 oz of butter
-3tbsp flour
-salt and pepper to taste

Heat the milk in a saucepan and bring it almost to a boil.

As the milk heats, melt the butter in a separate pan and add the onions. Allow the onions to soften without browning. 

When the onions have softened, sprinkle them with flour, stir and then cook for another two minutes at medium heat.

Gradually pour the warmed milk into the onion mixture, stirring constantly. I find it easier to create a thick sauce adding the milk very slowly. Stir often as you cook the milk and onion mixture for another three to four minutes. 

Add flaked fish. I find cod to be high in water content so I salted my fish before hand to remove the excess moisture. 

Add the cubed potatoes and cook until the potatoes are warmed through and the fish is ready. Add salt and pepper to taste. 

Traditionally, Plokkfiskur should be served with home-made rye-bread and can be garnished with chives, parsley or other fresh herbs. Although this recipe was very simple and had very little seasoning, it came out great and will deffinatly be a go to recipe from now on. I find it interesting to how much flavour comes from such basic ingredients. 

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